Welcome to Weltech International

Weltech was established in 1977 to manufacture, install and service environmental monitoring equipment for the poultry industry in the UK.
From our head office based in Cambridgeshire, Weltech have developed a wide range of products from including Chicken Weighing Scales, Poultry Weighing Scales and Silo Weighing Systems together with a range of Poultry Alarm and Feed Monitoring systems.

Our poultry weighing scales are perfect for Chicken Weighing, Turkey Weighing, Duck Weighing, Chick and Egg Weighing.

The global success and international reputation of the Weltech brand and product range has resulted in Weltech being a world renowned and respected brand. Many of the world's leading poultry organisations use our equipment for broiler, breeder laying and rearing operations.

BW-2050 Weighing System

Featuring the most up to date technology available, the BW-2050 Chicken Weighing Scale ensures accuracy, reliability and performance, with a completely new manual weighing system, and complete portability.

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Weltech Mk3 Alarm System

The Mk3 alarm panel can monitor up to 12 separate locations, each location has a separate isolator key switch built into the panel along with an external/internal selector switch for the sounders, auto dial on/off and an alarm reset switch.

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8016 Feed Control System

The 8016 Chicken Feed System can be programmed to batch from 1-10 seperate batches of differing amounts. Using the key panel the actual time can be set together with amounts to be batched and at what time.

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Automatic Weighing Platforms

Weltech's Automatic Chicken Weighing Platforms are world renowned for their reliability and quality of manufacture. Up to 10 of these platforms can be used with the BW-8010 controller.

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