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Featuring the most up to date technology available, the BW-2050 ensures accuracy, reliability and performance.

From the company that brought you the worlds best-selling bird weigher, the NEW BW-2050 promises to far exceed even the standard of it's predecessor, the BW-1050.

Package Contents

The weigher only package is supplied in a small heavy duty plastic carry case and comprises of the BW-2050 Weigher, mains charger, and shackle.

  • Completely new manual weighing system utilising the latest technology to give accuracy, reliability and performance.
  • Battery operated and completely portable, operates for up to 20 hours between re-charging and has indication of battery charge level.
  • Backlit alphanumeric display for easy reading - even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Store up to 5000 separate weights in up to 100 separate houses/pens
  • Connects directly to a PC, hand-held terminal or printer.
  • Can be fitted with a USB port
  • Data collection can be set to individual needs
  • Can be fitted with Bluetooth to connect to hand held terminal.

Battery operated and completely portable, the weigher will operate for up to 20 hours between re charging and has indication of battery charge level.

The alphanumeric display has a back light for easy reading and will show the store number, battery charge level, actual time, number of birds weighed and the weight being weighed. When a bird weight has been accepted the display will light up and ACCEPTED will be displayed along with the weight accepted, a second red indicator will also light to give a clear visual indication of acceptance. This will greatly assist weighing in poor lighting conditions.

Up to 5000 individual weights can be weighed and the 2050 can be programmed to store 1 to 100 houses or pens. The maximum weight that can be weighed is 10Kgs(22lbs) in 2 gram increments for chickens or 50Kgs(110lbs) in 10gincrements for turkeys.

On completion of the weighing , the 2050 can download all the data to our standard thermal portable printer, direct to a PC.

When interfacing with a PC, data is downloaded directly into Microsoft® Excel®. Data collection can be set to meet individual needs.

The BW-2050 can be programmed to suit individual needs from the type of printout to grouping, i.e Birds weighed from 3 separate areas of the house can be grouped together to give the statistics for each individual weighing and will give the statistics of the average of the 3 weighings.

The BW-2050 can be set to operate in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.

For selection or grading up to 5 lights can be fitted to the weigher, the operater can set a weight (ie 1000 grams) and a band weight (ie 200 grams). If a bird is weighed below 1000 grams the first light will come on, from 1000 to 1200 the second, 1200 to 1400 the third light and so on. The grading option will also operate as a standard weigher.

The BW-2050 can be supplied as a full kit, or the weigher only.