PW-2050 Weighing System


Weltech can offer a portable, simple to use, robust electronic weigher which calculates percentage dry matter and specific gravity.

The PW-2050 weigher can be used in a laboratory or in the field, it is battery operated and will continue to work for up to 20 hours between recharge.

  • Records the percentage dry matter.
  • Records the specific gravity of the potatoes.
  • Weights are measured fast and accurately.
  • Reliable. The weigher unit is solid, robust and the weigher is portable.
  • Records the starch content.
  • Can be fitted with a USB Port allowing data to be saved to a USB Memory Stick
  • The weigher can store 5000 individual weights
  • The battery life is 20 hours.
  • The weigher can be fitted with a bluetooth device.

Any weight of potatoes can be measured and the depth of water required to weigh them is only 40cm. On the push of one button the unit will automatically calculate percentage dry matter and specific gravity, it is able to store up to 5000 individual weights in memory and can download data to a PC or printer. Time and date of each weighing is recorded and printed and will remain in memory until cleared.

On completion of weighing, the PW-2050 data can be downloaded to a portable thermal printer. The PW-2050 can be fitted with a USB port so data can be collected on a memory stick for downloading directly to a PC.

When interfacing with a PC, data is downloaded directly into Microsoft Excel. Data collection can be set to individual needs.